by Niko Chodor , Alex Heilbron

Opening: 10/12/2021 19:00

On view till: 07/01/2022

Riviera Parking, a project space located in Santa Barbara, presented nine artists' responses to the pandemic from February - June 2021. Initially beginning as online conversations, these shows were tidy reflections of chaotic beginnings. Each exhibition questioned different personal, communal and global crises: time, community, documentation, travel, hygiene, paranoia and communication. These topics felt increasingly urgent to consider and still do as the pandemic continues. 
The exhibition space was located in a two car garage in Santa Barbara and began as a way to communicate with artists from a non-hub art city during a time when proximity could be deadly. The process of moving work from an artist studio to the exhibition space became something Riviera Parking considered after reflecting on the first conversations with artists. They thought about the drive between the Los Angeles artist studio to the Santa Barbara garage and how the transitory space and time of this drive paralleled a garage’s function: temporary and transitional.
Riviera Parking is presenting an overview of the Santa Barbara exhibitions in Düsseldorf  as a way to reflect on each artist's response. Removed from the space, the work gains clarity after its initial visual reflections; through exhibiting facsimiles of the artwork initially displayed.
Participating artists:
Nick Angelo
Olivia Mole with Ian Byers-Gamber
Stella Lamar
Jisoo Chung
Alex Lukas
Gill Versions
Max Cleary 
Andrew Freire
Saida Largaespada & Hailey Loman 
Foto credit - Ian Byers-Gamber